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“Bar League PRO” – Official Membership Club of Bar Poker Open starts March 18th!

In an effort to keep BPO events going, further support our local leagues, and give us all a fun and social way to continue to play together, we are launching an online league set to begin Wednesday, March 18th to access a Virtual Version of your local games! 

A “Bar League PRO” membership will cost $29.00.  A generous portion of your membership fee will be shared directly with our Bar Poker Open leagues to help them during this period.  You will also be given a chance to give an additional one-time donation, added to your membership cost, if you wish that will go directly towards helping your league and league owner during this challenging time. You can sign up for a “PRO” Membership right now by logging into your player dashboard.

This membership supports Bar Poker Open, your local poker league, follows national sweepstakes laws, and will give you access to:

10,000 MORE Play Money Chips
Deposited to your player account for “play money games”.  Use in Ring Games, Sit N Go’s 24/7!

Up To 30 Days Online Access to “PRO: Step 1 Virtual Tournaments”
Schedule of 7 Daily “Step 1: Virtual Bar Qualifiers” for a total of 210 events in a 30-day period to choose from.
Every day at 10A, 1P, 4P, 6P, 8P, 10P and 12A, events restricted to 700 players.

60 Tournament Events of Online Access
Play up to 60 tournaments in a 30-Day Period.  Play every day.  Choose from 7 tournaments a Day!   You choose when you play your 60 events.  Credits expire after 30 days, membership can be renewed after 30 days or when you run out of event credits.

Special Friday Night “Step 2: National Championship Qualifier”
For PRO Members Only, with same format as our Monthly Saturday Specials
Every Friday Night in April!  7:00 PM (eastern time)
First Place Wins Full 2020 Vegas National Championship Package
4 Seats Awarded for Every 100 Entries 

Special Sunday “Step 2: National Championship Qualifier”
For PRO Members Only – more chips and longer blind levels
Every Sunday at 12PM (Eastern Time)
First Place Wins Full 2020 Vegas National Championship Package
4 Seats Awarded for Every 100 Entries
Only open to “PRO” Members

Super High Roller Access Saturday, April 18, 2020
10 Token Entry OR Trade In Your Championship Seat
1 Full Travel Package for Every 30 Entries
1st Place Also Wins a Day 2 “Bye” into the National Championship of your choice!
Travel Package with no event specification will be good for 1 year
Only open to “PRO” Members

Your membership will expire when you either run out of the 60 credits or after 30 days.  At that time you can renew your membership to continue your access.

Some Anticipated Questions You Might Have:

How do you register for a Bar League PRO account?
All you need to do is log in to your player dashboard.  There will be a notification at the top that will direct you to a payment page.  Once you pay for your membership you will be tagged a “PRO” member and can participate in all these fantastic promotions!

What Are “PRO: Step 1: Virtual Bar Qualifiers”?
A virtual version of our Bar Events with a twist

  • 1 Token Awarded for Every 10 Entries with NO CAP (almost Top 10% every game)
  • Tokens valid for all the Step 2: National Championship Qualifiers, Any Future Token Games, or of course the Super High Roller, April 18
  • Step 2: National Championship Qualifiers will still be held every Sunday with a Friday Night Special on April 3rd and April 17th for PRO Members Only

When will the SEVEN Daily “PRO: Step 1: Virtual Tournaments” Tournaments be held?

  • Every Day @ 10AM, 1PM, 4PM, 6PM, 8PM, 10PM, and 12AM
  • Total of 210 Games Planned in 30 days!
  • Times listed are Eastern Time

How many “PRO” Tournaments Can You Play?
All Bar League “PRO” members can participate in up to 60 games as part of the membership.  These games will be counted in your Bar Poker Open player dashboard.

How do you “Buy In” to a “PRO: Step 1 Virtual Tournament”?
All these tournaments cost “0” tokens and “0” Play Money to Enter so there is no balance necessary.  However, the only players that can enter are those that are members and the maximum amount you can participate in is 60.

Your membership will expire when you either run out of the 60 credits or after 30 days.  At that time you can renew your membership to continue your access.

When Does Membership Begin and End?
So if you are to registered a week after the league start date (tomorrow), you will still get access to events for 30 days.   We will reassess on a weekly basis, if we need to keep the online games going longer, based on this ever changing pandemic situation.

Can You Play the Friday Night or Sunday Step 2 Specials if you have a token but not a “PRO” Member?
No.  These events can only be accessed by PRO Members.

What is the Super High Roller Challenge and How Do I Participate?
PRO members with at least 10 tokens can participate in the Super High Roller Challenge.  Players with a seat that do not plan on using in Vegas or that have an extra seat they’d rather use for this than the Masters Tournament can request to trade the seat in for entry into this event!    We do not yet have that system in place and will have it figured out in April.

Can You Play the Super High Roller if you have tons of tokens or seats but not a “PRO” Member?
Again, no.  This additional event can only be accessed by PRO Members.

What will happen with the Saturday “Step 1: Virtual Var Qualifier” Freerolls at 11:00 AM (EST)?
Our plan will that this remains open to anyone with a BPO Account but we will monitor if traffic becomes a strain on our server or software.


We hope to see you online for this exciting new opportunity for all our players to keep playing and hopefully for all our leagues who’s livelihood depends on bar poker revenues. 

We want to wish you and your families a safe and healthy period right now and we thank you for supporting Bar Poker Open and your local leagues providing your Social Poker Entertainment.  We look forward to returning to live Bar Poker events as soon as we feel it’s safe to do so. 

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  • Robert Ryan

    Shouldn’t the people signing up today get an extra day since there are no games today

    • admin

      Yes, anyone signed up before 3/19 will get a couple extra days of access through 4/18!

  • Caliknight951

    I would like to be signed up so i can buy a pro membership please

  • Alisha

    I’m ready to play

  • linda s montgomery

    I’m looking for the games today but only see the 10am EDT
    want virtual step 1

    How about a link on this page to go straight to games for us :PRO” players.


    • admin

      It is the same red button in your dashboards to “access poker site”. There is an authorization process that happens when you click the button that can’t be skipped.