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“ROAD TO VEGAS” Step 2: National Championship Qualifiers

From Dates (10/20/19 – 5/3/20) we are Qualifying Exclusively for the Vegas 2020 National Championship!  We anticipate to be giving out over $300,000 in June 2020 in Las Vegas, so make sure you do whatever you can to be there!

Every week, we give out over $7,000 in seats and even a Full Vegas Package! All you need to participate in each weekly “Step 2: Vegas National Championship Qualifier” is a SINGLE TOP 3 FINISH!! 

No long points contests, or qualifying for multiple regional events just to get an invite to Nationals.  All you have to do is show up to your local bar or restaurant hosting “BPO Qualifiers”, Finish Top 3, and your able to play in the Weekly Step 2.

STEP 2: 2020 Vegas Championship Qualifier

Sundays at 11:00 AM (Eastern Time)
Registration Opens at 9:00 AM (Eastern Time)
Late Registration Open (30 minutes) until 11:30 PM (Eastern Time)

When you finish Top 3 at a local bar, you are awarded with an online account on BarPokerOpen.com.  You will utilize this account to view your performance in the “BPO Events” and access the online poker site

The costs is One (1) “Top 3 Token” to play
(1) Rebuy Allowed When You Are Out of Chips (for 8 levels)
12 Minute Blinds
Breaks are every 72 Minutes
See blind schedule

What Do You Win?

First Place is a Full Vegas Package

  • 5 Days Minimum Hotel Stay
  • $400 Airfare Reimbursement 
  • 2020 National Championship Seat

Approximately Top 4% Win Vegas National Champions Seats

  • Top 10 Guaranteed a Seat into Vegas 2020 National Championship
    301 – 400 Entries = 12 Seats
    401 – 500 Entries = 16 Seats
    501 – 600 Entries = 20 Seats
    Every 100 Entries after that = 4 More Seats
    Rebuys are included in the count when awarding seats

What If I Win More Than 1 Seat?

Masters Tournament
Because no more than 1 seat can be used in Vegas, we wanted to still give “multiple seat winners” an amazing opportunity. Have a balance of 2+ seats prior to Saturday, May 9, 2020 and you can participate in the Masters Tournament!

The benefits to winning multiple seats are displayed in your profile and also listed below here:

  • 1 SEAT  
    You win a seat into the 202o Vegas National Championship.
  • 2 SEATS 
    You Win a Seat into the “Masters Tournament”
    You win a rebuy/add-on into the Master’s Tournament *NEW*.

What Do You Win?
Winner of the 2020 Masters Tournament will win a a “DAY 2 SEAT” into the 2020 Vegas National Championship!  
You will get an average stack of 600,000, be immediately in the money on day 2 (for at least a guaranteed $600), and you will get a bye past 95% of the field to play for the massive $300,000 expected payout!

For more information on the 2020 Masters Tournament, Click Here.

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