2:05 pm

Shuffle Up & Deal


Welcome to Day 1A Flight 2 of the  2019 Bar Poker Open National Championship!

Flight 2 will be a carbon copy of Flight 1. Players sit down to 25,000 deep stacks with an option for a $10 add-on for an extra 5,000 chips. The tournament will run 30-minutes levels throughout the event with a big blind ante. A single re-entry is available for the first eight levels.

There is a 45-minute dinner break scheduled at 6:30pm and they will return to play out the day.

Play will come to an end when 5% of the players remain and they will move to Day 2 on Thursday. This is a best-stack-forward tournament.

We expect a fun, full day of poker, stay tuned for continuing coverage!

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  • Paul Magargal

    Good luck Riverchasers players