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Sonya Harrison – Your 2018 Bar Poker “Master”

Sonya Harrison is your 2018 Bar Poker Open “Master”


Sonya Harrison, from Eastern Poker Tour’s Southern Massachusetts Region, has defeated nearly 171 of Bar Poker’s finest to take down our Masters Tournament. Her win is just months away from Sonya also taking down one of Eastern Poker Tour’s Monthly $10,000 Championship!

Only 2 months ago0, $2,500 was the most Sonya has ever won playing poker.  Now, less than 60 days later, she is well on her way in breaking her own personal best with this “Day 2” Seat into our $200,000 National Championship!  This “bye” means she is guaranteed to be in the money for at least $500 in Las Vegas and only has to get past a projected 50 players (at about 1,000 expected players) to win the 1st place prize in our $200,000 National Championship!  The equity value of a seat at this point of the tournament is easily over $4,000 with a chance to beat only 50 players for at least a $40,000 First Place Prize.

To get to this point, Sonya won herself 3 total seats throughout the year, good enough for an entry and a single rebuy into the Masters. She made the most of her chances to win the top prize.

Sonya entered the final table second in chips, kept her top 3 status throughout the final table, and never looked back.  In an 85 hand final table, Sonya won 36 hands, 29 of those came in the last 50 hands played.

Final Table by Chip Counts
Jim Cross (Buckcross) – 157,917
Sonya Harrison (Spuckyloo) – 125,446
Penny Crown (Penny) – 94,220
Betty Haarberg (star) – 98,857
Socrates Plantilla (78suited) – 62,297
Margie Jones (Alfalfa) – 56,994
Clayton Hendricks (Clayton) – 51,457
Philip Martin (Pm18042) – 36,382
Dario Kham (dk_ham) – 32,727
Donald McCann (CarolinaBlue) – 30,703
Masters Results:
1ST Sonya Harrison (Spuckyloo) Eastern Poker Tour
2ND Socrates Plantilla (78suited) Over The Top Poker League
3RD Jim Cross (BuckCross) Suit Up Poker League
4TH Betty Haarberg(star) Over The Top Poker League
5TH Clayton Hendricks (Clayton) Koala T Poker League
6TH Donald McCann (CarolinaBlue) Kings and Queens Poker League
7TH Philip Martin (pm18042) Riverchasers
8TH Dario Kham (dk_ham) KB Kings Poker Company
9TH Penny Crown Penny No Limit Pub Poker Tour
10THMargie Jones (Alfalfa) Nevada Poker League

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  • Sonya

    Thanks for such a great article. No one was more surprised to win this than I was! It’s amazing that playing a game that I love with good people can lead to a seat, then a free trip and now this ‘bye’ into day 2 of this championship. Thanks BPO and EPT – and all of the players and staff that make playing poker so much fun!