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Bar Poker Open – Online Software

What you will find in this page:

  • Overview
  • System Requirements
  • Accessing Software
  • Play Money Games
  • Registering for a Tournament with screenshots
  • Blind Schedule
  • Payout Breakdown of all Weekly “Step 2: Championship Qualifiers”

The Bar Poker Open Site is now live for the first time with a TON of exciting features that will only add more fun, and more excitement to our community online! Things have changed a bit, so please make sure to read this document to avoid confusion.

  • Full Featured Software
    Aside from just the Weekly Qualifiers, there will be play money ring games, sit n go tournaments, play money tournaments,  heads up tables, and much more coming!
  • Mobile Friendly Design
    Play directly in your browser, no downloads or apps required.
  • Customization Features
    Including Table Skins, Card Skins, Create Default betting buttons/actions, Animations/Sound
  • Play Money Tables
    Learn the software and challenge fellow bar league players using 200 play money chips before/during/after playing in the tournaments! Sit N Go’s, Ring Games, Heads Up Matches, are all at your disposal with play money.
  • Customer Service
    If you need BPO Online Poker customer service, email Qualify@BarPokerOpen.com
    We also invite player feedback, because we now have the ability to tweak and customize this software much more than our last.

Below is full step-by-step tutorial, with screenshots, to help you with navigating the software and registering for the tournaments online.

Step 1:  Access Poker Site from your User Dashboard

Screenshot 2020-01-13 15.03.37

Step 2:  Click “Play Now” under the Tokens Tab on the home screen of the poker software
Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 4.59.42 PM

STEP 3:  Click desired tournament you are registering for!

Screenshot 2020-01-13 15.04.42

Only available during registration period (usually within 2 hours prior to tournament)

Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 5.09.42 PM




1 10 20
2 15 30
3 25 50
4 50 100
5 75 150
6 100 200
7 150 300 25
8 200 400 50
9 250 500 50
10 300 600 75
11 400 800 100
12 500 1000 100
13 600 1200 150
14 800 1600 200
15 1000 2000 300
16 1200 2400 400
17 1500 3000 400
18 2000 4000 500
19 2500 5000 500
20 3000 6000 750
21 4000 8000 1000
22 5000 10000 1000
23 6000 12000 1500
24 8000 16000 2000
25 10000 20000 3000
26 12000 24000 4000
27 15000 30000 4000
28 20000 40000 5000
29 25000 50000 7500
30 30000 60000 7500
31 40000 80000 10,000
32 50000 100000 10000
32 60000 120000 15000
33 80000 160000 20000
34 100000 200000 30000


“Step 1 : Virtual Bar” tournaments are a virtual version of the BPO Sanctioned bar games but against our entire Bar Poker Open Community!  These are a great way to compete against fellow league players and get comfortable on the software.
Usually held on Saturdays, Top 3 Win A Token to the “Step 2: $200K National Championship Qualifiers”

“Step 2 : $200K National Championship Qualifiers” are weekly only championships with a ton of prizes on the line!   Once come in the Top 3 at your local bar hosting our events, you get a “token” to participate in these games.  Tokens do not expire, so use them when you are ready.
Usually held on Sundays, First Place wins a Vegas Package and Approximately the Top 5% Win A Seat To the $200,000 National Championship.

First Place:  Las Vegas Travel Package
Includes: 4 Nights Hotel, $400 Airfare/Travel Reimbursement, and Seat into the $200K Championship

1 – 300 Entrants:  Top 10 Win a $200,000 Nationals Seat
301 – 400 Entrants: Top 15 Win a $200,000 Nationals Seat
401 – 500 Entrants: Top 20 Win a $200,000 Nationals Seat
501 – 600 Entrants: Top 25 Win a $200,000 Nationals Seat
5 Seats are given out for every 100 Players

Multiple Seats
After winning a seat, players are still welcome to play for the First Place Vegas Package but do not win “more seats”.
– 2nd seat will win you a full apparel package to pick up in Las Vegas at the June 2017 Event
– Players that win Multiple Vegas Packages can win $400 spending money for each additional “First Place”.

10 Seats To Vegas!
Players that win 10 Seats from July 3 – May 14 will win a full Vegas Package from us.  If it is your second package, we will give you $400 spending money in Vegas.

When you go to “Ring Games” or “Sit N Gos” you can practice playing on the site against others.  The best time to do this is the morning prior to our qualifiers.

Sit&Gos are available for "Play Money" have some fun competing against fellow league players on a different format!

Cash Games Can Be Played as well for "play money". Play money has no cash value, but it will be a fun way to compete against eachother in a new format!

More Features Coming as well as we elaborate further on your online experience!

Please report any issues or comments to qualify@barpokeropen.com.
That is by far, the most reliable and fastest way to get a rapid response during tournaments.
Do not post in the comments section here, comments are not monitored.

Thank you again for being a part of this incredible poker community, enjoy the games and see you all in Vegas!

70 Comments December 30, 2016

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  • Mr. No Name

    New site looks great!

    • Joseph S. Rascoe

      can not wait to play

  • Joe Topacio

    If you have won a seat can you sell it, or give it away, or use it for a future tournament?

    • admin

      Won seats cannot be sold or transferred to another event. Tokens to not expire, so keep your tokens for another event that you can plan. DO NOT play in the online qualifier, if you cannot use your seat because it essentially takes a seat from someone that can participate and would have earned it.

  • Dave Howard

    The rebuy is the worst thing you could have done. Promotes the most stupid play around. Played for over an hour and half, got sucked out twice by same idiot and there is still 215 players left. I have 16 tokens left and I doubt I’ll ever use them to play here again.

    Thanks for making it such a terrible place to “play”

    • admin

      Rebuy tournament is only a “Week 1 Special” to give a big boost in seats for the first weekend and have a huge seat guarantee.
      Everything went back to normal on Week 2, with only a single rebuy allowed.

  • I am playing in a qualifier game right now but I won the token from the current league that I play with and not the one that it states Kontenders. I play for Steel City Poker and I want my representation to be with that league!

  • danielle marrali

    ok well I have not received my token for first place last tues,also I have more win and coins than chris killings and he is ahead of me, that’s impossible, I would kindly appreciate it if you could fix that, I would also like the token I’m owed. thank you danielle

    • admin

      Hello Danielle,
      Leagues are responsible for entering results. Once they do your ranking updates and token emails are immediately distributed.

  • I would like to change my avatar but it will not let me… can you help?

    • admin

      avatars can be changed by clicking on the “account” link that is the first page you see when you log in.

      • Kirsten Cunningham

        More avatars for women would be great!!! IMHO

  • Steve Petrillo

    I thought you cold register late on Saturdays, but it wouldn’t allow me to… how late do they allow you to enter a tournament…. I came to the tables at 75/100 blinds…. but couldn’t get in.

    • admin

      late registration is usually 30 minutes on step 2 championship qualifiers. You can always view that on the tournament details to make sure.

  • Robert Roth

    if you cant win a seat can you buy into the tournament? thanks !!!!

    • admin

      This was answered via email, but for other players reference. The only way you can buy-into the $200K Championship on your own is if you are ranked high enough on your league’s Super League Leaderboard. You will see there how how you need to rank.

  • I Have seat won [9-17-2017], room reserved, flight booked; how to know BPO has me “in”?

    • admin

      If your player dashboard has you winning a seat, we have your seat won. There is also a status bar that says your qualification status and by the looks of things you not only won a seat but also the masters seat yesterday… congrats and see you in Vegas!

  • Joe Brower

    Today, Mar 18, the deal cards were being turned over very slowly; twice my time for action started before I could see 2nd card!
    Also, how can I set/turn on additional time for action after 5-2 seconds?

    And, the fold button doesn’t hold if a raise occurs before action gets to me; If I want to fold after 1st look, it doesn’t get better w someone raising; this causes delay in game as I have left the table momentarily & system times me out wanting action I have already taken.
    Joe Brower, Indianapolis, 317-577-9788 H, 317-362-1199 c

  • Joe Brower

    Does this still hold for 2018?
    “2nd seat will win you a full apparel package to pick up in Las Vegas at the June 2017 Event”

    • admin

      Apparel package was 2017, it is now the Masters Tournament.

  • Scott

    If playing in the May 26 on line game that you need two seats to play. Do you lose the seat if play and rebuys and add one ?

    • admin

      If you have only 2 seats you will not have the ability to rebuy. 1 Seat = $200K Championship, 2 Seats = Masters Buy-in for second seat, 3 Seats = Rebuy/Add-On for Masters, 4 Seats = Another Rebuy/Addon, ect.

  • Ed

    no tournament is showing up for me to register and play. Followed the directions and its only showing the tournament from saturday

    • admin

      This means you probably have a filter turned on that should not be on. Make sure filters on the left is set to “game type -> any” “Money Type – tokens”, “table speed – any”, and finally make sure “show only registering” is NOT checked.

  • Patti Featherson

    While in a tournament, either for tokens or seats, how can we check on the number of players remaining? This stat can substantially alter our play.

    • admin

      while you at table view there is an “i” you can click with that information as well as much more information!

  • Lynn Rae

    I tried to register with my token for Bar Poker Tournament on Sunday, April 1st and I couldn’t find a tournament.
    The instructions aren’t very clear for registering.
    No Tournaments came up for me except one that was played on Saturday, March 31st.
    Lynn Rae

    • admin

      There are very clear directions with screenshots of what the app looks like if you click on the blue “more info” button.

  • David Luchin

    I am looking for information and instructions on all the features of play. Are there ‘hot keys’ for my computer (so I don’t have to always move my cursor and then click on the buttons)?

    Is card-showing defaulted as ‘show’ or ‘hide’?

    How do I message other players?

    • admin

      No ‘hot keys’ that we are aware of but you can use a tablet for touch screen. Default is to auto muck to keep action going and not slowing game down. You can use the chat box in the bottom right for any chatting with players.

  • DP3

    Is there another tournament later in the year like the one in June if you can’t make that one? Also, when is registration for the June tourney.

    • admin

      There will be yes, but the weekly qualifiers are for June. If you can’t make June, just hold on to your tokens for the new season.

  • Shermanperkins

    I haven’t received information about the BPO event in Las Vegas. I won a seat and want schedule info

    • admin

      vegas.barpokeropen.com has schedule

  • Harrison Tony Daniels

    I am the Black Rose Phantom!

  • Do I need a token for this Saturday’s super championship tournament

    • admin

      No, super league has no token entry, but only open to those that qualified.

  • Alice Zornes

    When will I receive confirmation of my seat in the Vegas tournament ?

    • admin

      All seats won would display in your dashboard. There is also an RSVP coming out next week that will confirm your seat.

  • amerigo dechiara

    when will we get our rsvp notice for the vegas tournament

    • admin

      They were emailed last week. If you didn’t see it just log into your dashboard you will see the RSVP notification there as well.

  • […] Format? The costs is One (1) “Top 3 Token” to play (1) Rebuy Allowed When You are Out of Chips (for 8 levels) 10 Minute Blinds Breaks are every 72 Minutes See blind schedule […]

  • I had question that I’m hoping you can answer. Is there a weekly “deadline” for tournament directors to enter in their respective tournament results? I’ve noticed on several occasions, depending on the venue and tournament director, that the results are not updated regularly. On one occasion, I didn’t see the leader board and token update for approximately two weeks after points were earned. This isn’t a huge deal, but when you’re contemplating a tournament because you’re borderline on a certain ranking tier, this can skew decision making.

    I can completely understand a brief delay since there are many, many tournaments and not everyone updates every day, but is there a specific rule governing when results should be uploaded? It’s possible I’ve overlooked this information and if so, I apologize.

    Thank you!

    • admin

      We would prefer if all results were entered the night they happen, but unfortunately some leagues do fall behind.

  • I need a login for myself. I am contacting you under my husband’s name but I am the person playing the games. How can I get my name in the game?

  • raymond powell

    how does my poker league join bpo

  • I was playing the tournament this morning I hit the rebuy button it disappeared but the clock keeps running to time me out I am ever disappointed that there is not a fail check or a confirmation of what you what to do!!!!

  • Angie Flanagan

    What is included in the full apparel package for 2 seats?

    • admin

      Hello Angie,
      Your second seat is for the Masters Tournament, not an apparel package. Read more about the Masters Tournament here:

      Any seats past second seat can be used as rebuys/add-ons in this Masters Tournament!

  • How do I register?

    • I like it

    • admin

      Just head to a local bar hosting our events. Once you finish in the Top 3 at any event your league will register your account!

  • Ready

  • spike

    Why is it so tough to register for Sundays tournament??? Where do I click on? I have tried and been successful some days, but not others. Very Frustrating!!!

    • admin

      Sounds like you clicked on a setting that filters out the tournament.

      As this tutorial states, make sure:
      – money type is “tokens”
      – game type is “any”
      – table speed “Any”
      – “Show only registering” is never checked!

  • Angie Flanagan

    Will extra seats won on May 12 and May 19 (after the Master’s Tournament on 5/11/19) go toward the 2019 AC or 2020 Vegas Championship Qualifier which starts May 26, 2019?

    • Angie Flanagan

      Can extra seats won on 5/12 and 5/19 (after the cut-off for the Masters Tournament) go toward the 2019 AC or 2020 Vegas Championship Qualifier which starts 5/26/19?

  • Joe Brower

    Have terrible flight options for arrival Jun 9; would arrive 4-5 am my body time at GN.
    Can I not play Mon, but play Tue Jun 11 game 1b, my 1st game? Haven’t booked flight firm yet. Joe 317-577-9788

  • elyo27

    How would I get my new company enrolled in the Bar Poker Open?

  • richard serna

    I’m logged in to my computer n phone. I bought a laptop trying to log in to it but I can’t remember my pw. Need help asap. Trying to use my laptop for the virtual boo in 15 minutes

  • Laura

    What exactly are the rules and info the upcoming Masters tournament for 2020? I currently have 4 seats and was told different rules.

  • Scott Hall

    How many leagues are there in bar open poker?

    • admin

      currently 42 leagues in over 30 states